Warrior Fundraising

From 5k's to bake sales, OMF Warriors cover a lot of ground.

Often, OMF is asked: What can I do? How can I help raise funds and raise awareness?

The truth is that a large part of our operating budget comes from grassroots donations. These small donations - often $25 or less - sum up to a lot of money. And that money lets OMF fund groundbreaking research and put on events like EANA.

Events planned to celebrate or memorialize a friend or loved one are critical towards amassing these small, individual contributions. That's where the OMF Warriors come in.  OMF Warriors are people just like you. They're patients, family members, friends - anyone affected by OM and supportive of those who are courageously fighting this disease.

OMF works closely with all our Warriors on their fundraising events and associated marketing campaign. We will help you create a custom page on our website (or on a partner site like Crowdrise) and a custom gift page to collect donations which will be earmarked towards the thing you're most passionate about (research or funding patient travel are popular choices). We can give you OMF pmphlets, rubber wristbands, pins, and other collateral to give out and drive education and, if you're raising over $2,500 we can even give you funds up front to buy t-shirts, throw a pizza party or put on an even larger event. You shouldn't have to foot the bill for raising money for ocular melanoma. We just need your energy, enthusiasm and planning skills.

New for 2016! Warrior Spotlight

New to our website for 2016 is the Warrior Spotlight. This is a place to celebrate the work and victories of patients, caregivers, and their communities. 

Our first Warrior Spotlight: Shelby and Chris Carroll. Click here to read their inspiring story, their successful project, and their candid tips.


Contact Us Today to Get Started

Email Holly, OMF Program Director and Warrior Lead, at holly@ocularmelanoma.org to learn more about putting on your own event today.

Warrior Overview Brochure

OMF Warrior Fundraising (2015).pdf
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Brendan Trimboli running the New York City Marathon in 2014 in honor of his mother and raising thousands for OM research.

Creativity has its rewards.

Whether your tastes run to bake sales, letter writing, car washes, concerts or happy hours, with a grassroots fundraising event, you're in control. You can use your favorite activities and whatever is comfortable to you to raise funds to support OMF and our mission to See A Cure.

So, be creative and have fun!  Choose an activity that you enjoy and invite your friends, family and coworkers to join in.

Here are some ideas with links on how to get started:

Start a Letter Writing Campaign using e-mail or snail-mail: It's one of the easiest ways to raise awareness and funds.

Host a Social Event - for example, a bake sale, movie night, talent show, house tour, concert or wine tasting -- in your community.

Plan or Participate in a Sporting Event - such as a walk, bike ride, softball game or spinathon - and request contributions on behalf of OMF.

As an example, a family in DeKalb, IL put on a barbeque and a strong fundraising campaign that ultimately raised over $23,000 for OMF. They created their own t-shirts, slogan, logo, and even their own Facebook page!

Any questions? Have an event idea?

Please email warriors@ocularmelanoma.org and we can help you along the way.

Warrior Fundraisers

Create A Fundraising Campaign Yourself

Click on the above link to get started, set your goals and then let OMF know how we can assist. We can get you OM pamphlets, signage, t-shirts, giveaways, whatever you need to put on the best event possible.
Sign up for upcoming Fun Runs/Walks whose proceeds support OM patients and research:
Lisa Spiers 5K
April 16, Kilmarnock, VA
Register here
ACIS Swing for Sight Event!
April 30, Napa, CA
Click here for more information

Files to Use In Your Campaign

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