The Ocular Melanoma Foundation (OMF) is a resource for eye cancer research funding and patient/caregiver support. OMF has raised over $2 million in its quest to #SEEACURE for eye cancer.  

2020 Research Grant Funding Announced

Every year, OMF donates up to $150,000 to funding OM research. Last month, OMF awarded the 2020 AACR-Ocular Melanoma Foundation Fellowship, in honor of Robert C. Allen, MD, to Anna Han, PhD at Thomas Jefferson University for her project "Targeting metabolism as a therapeutic approach in uveal melanoma."

Read the full press release here and donate today to help fund the next breakthrough!

EANA Retreat Videos

Due to the cost and complexity of organizing EANA retreats, especially in light of coronavirus, OMF is not hosting a patient retreat this year and diverting a greater share of gift income towards OM research. You may watch videos of all past EANAs since 2012 on YouTube.

Raising Awareness of Eye Health

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